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coverAll About Azaleas, Camellias & Rhododendrons
by Marilyn Rogers (Editor)
Paperback - 96 pages (January 2001), Ortho Books; ISBN: 0897214579
This good general guidebook is in its third edition. The book is broken into sections on selection, care, propagation and diseases/pests, and each section is easy to read and understand. The book provides detailed descriptions of hundreds of azaleas, camellias, and rhododendrons. There are maps for each variety to show where it grows best, and the descriptions include the color, any unusual characteristics, special growing info, other names the plant might be called, and height/spread info. There are lots of pictures throughout the book, and the back section is helpful if you're trying to select a variety that suits your particular needs.
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American Azaleascover
by L. Clarence Towe
Hardcover - 188 pages (2004); American Rhododendron Society; ISBN: 0881926450
Other than a few Asiatic and one European species, North America is home to all the deciduous azaleas, members of the genus Rhododendron. Gardeners interested in knowing more about these attractive, usually fragrant shrubs will discover here the diversity to be found in the species and will learn about recent trends in cultivation, selection, and hybridization. American azaleas are not used as much as they should be in gardens and in landscaping, even in areas where the plants are native and are common along roadsides. The author offers expert recommendations on all the horticultural aspects important for growing these colorful shrubs, including sitting, soil preparation, and companion plantings. His coverage of the native species and the cultivars is comprehensive and up to date. (79 color photos)
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American Rhododendron Hybridscover
by Meldon Kraxberger, editor
Paperback - 248 pages (1980); American Rhododendron Society; ISBN: 0960452419
This starts with a history of American hybridizers. Then it has a list of registered American hybrids as of 1980. It lists some unregistered American hybrids of note. It concludes with "good-doer" lists from ARS chapters around the country. These lists include a broad spectrum of plants from rhododendrons to azaleas.  
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The Azalea Bookcover
by Frederic Paddock Lee
Paperback - 436 pages Reprinted (2007), Theophrastus; ISBN: 054838472X
Prior to Fred Galle's "Azaleas", this was the standard reference on Azaleas. It covers culture, garden advice, history of discovery and hybridization, and lists the species.
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by Christopher Fairweather
Hardcover - 95 pages (1988), Ebury Press; ISBN: 0712611282
Explains how to select and plant azalias, how to care for and propagate them, and recommends different varieties in terms of color, hardiness, special foliage effects, and fragrance. 54 beautiful color photographs.
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by Fred C. Galle
Hardcover - 627 pages (March 1988), Timber Press; ISBN: 0881920916
This is the most complete reference on Azaleas. The heart of this book is a thorough treatment of all the species of azaleas and more than 6,000 cultivars. In addition, it includes information on every aspect of growing azaleas, from landscape uses to pest and diseases. Fred Galle was an internationally known azalea expert and past president of the American Horticultural Society (he died 7/26/98 at the age of 79). First published in 1985, "Azaleas" is now in its third printing and is still considered the best reference on the subject and was recently listed by the AHS as one of the 75 Great American Garden Books. This is a reference book that no azalea enthusiast should be without. It describes the largest number of azaleas, both species and hybrids, of any book ever published. 366 color photographs.
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coverAzaleas Rhododendrons & Camellias
by John R. Dunmire, Jim McCausland, Sunset Books
Paperback - 112 pages (January 1999), Sunset Pub. Corp.; ISBN: 0376030216
In this book we are given the histories of these plants, secrets for success, and descriptions of varieties with quite a few accompanying color photographs. Included is a page on sources. color photos, soft cover.
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Big Leaf Rhododendrons: Growng the Giants of the Genuscover *NEW*
by Glyn Church, Graham Smith, & Pat Greenfield
Hardback - 184 pages (November 2015), David Bateman; ISBN: 1869539125
Imagine rhododendrons that grow 50 feet tall with leaves 3' long and 1' wide. This beautiful book explores their unique characteristics and has many interesting facts about their native range, discovery, and culture. Book Review
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The Book of Rhododendronscover
by Marianna Kneller (Editor)
Hardcover - 160 pages (August 1995), Timber Press; ISBN: 0881923222
Kneller spent 15 years documenting rhododendrons with botanical paintings. The 10x14" illustrations show the growing cycle. Text from world rhododendron experts accompanies each botanical painting. The author is artist-in-residence at Exbury Gardens, home of the celebrated Rothschild rhododendrons. This magnificent book presents paintings of rhododendron species, showing the flowering branch, bud, flower division and profile, new leaf growth, and seed head. Text includes pages by world- renowned rhododendron experts, including Harold E. Greer, who ruminate on their favorite species, presenting appealing aspects of each plant. 33 color plates, 18 line drawings.
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A Brocade Pillow: Azaleas of Old Japancover
by Ihei Ito
Hardcover - 162 (May 1984), Weatherhill; ISBN: 0834801914
The original book was written in the seventeenth-century. This is the English translation showing the connections between their azalea names then and now and clarifies the different families of Japanese hybrid azaleas.
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Compendium of Rhododendron and Azalea Diseases, Second Edition *SPECIAL OFFER*Compendium Book
by Robert G. Linderman & Dr. Michael Benson
Paperback - 136 pages (July 2014), American Phytopathological Society; ISBN: 978-0-89054-436-5
Save $20 on this all new book. This is a special offer for ARS members on this much impoved 2nd edition of the classic reference published by the American Phytopathological Society. This is the only reference of its kind covering a wide variety of diseases and insect pests. This copy aids in the diagnosis of diseases and lists the common names of the rhododendron and azalea diseases. Beautifully illustrated with many descriptive color photographs and drawings. 5% of the proceeds from your book purchase will be donated to the American Rhododendron Society.
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coverCox's Guide to Choosing Rhododendrons
by Peter Cox, Kenneth Cox
Paperback - 176 (June 1995), Timber Press; ISBN: 0881923230
This guide describes the best species and hybrids for various garden uses and desired blooming times in moderate climates. It covers 100 species, 200 hybrids, and a range of both deciduous and evergreen azaleas. It provides lists of rhododendrons recommended for particular characteristics worldwide. While there are more than 800 species of rhododendrons and over 10,000 named hybrids, this book was written to provide a guide to building a representative collection. It selects the best 100 species and 200 hybrids for moderate climates covering hybrids of both deciduous and evergreen. For convenient use, it includes lists of rhododendrons recommended for individual characteristics. 125 color photos.
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The Cultivation of Rhododendronscover
by Peter A. Cox
Hardcover - 288 pages (1994), B T Batsford Ltd; ISBN: 0713456302,
The content is aimed at both the beginner and experienced enthusiast alike with clear explanations of the technical aspects of rhododendron cultivation." "This book covers in great detail subjects such as climate, choosing the site, landscaping, planting and maintenance, propagation, pest and disease control and many others." Peter Cox is a world authority with a lifetime of experience.
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coverDeer-Proofing Your Yard & Garden
by Rhonda Massingham Hart
Paperback - 144 pages (2005), Storey Books; ISBN: 1580175856
This book is an excellent reference on various options in dealing with deer. Many ideas are presented to minimize damage and an extensive section on "deer resistant plants" is included. In this simple-to-understand guide, Hart evaluates commercial and homemade deterrents, describes crucial seasonal changes in deer diet and behavior, and tells how to identify deer damage. 75 drawings.
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Dwarf Rhododendronscover
by Peter A. Cox
Hardcover - 296 (January 1985); MacMillan Pub Co; ISBN: 0025285602; out of print.
A comprehensive guide to dwarf rhododendrons covering every aspect from propagation to cultivation. It includes complete lists of species and hybrids.
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coverEncyclopedia of Rhododendron Hybrids
by Peter A. Cox, Kenneth N.E. Cox
Hardcover - 318 pages (August 1988), Timber Press; ISBN: 0881921084; out of print.
In the Encyclopedia of Rhododendron Hybrids Peter and Kenneth Cox provide individual descriptions of over 1400 hybrids and a further 500 are included in the text. Each entry contains full details of parentage, hardiness, height, etc. and a critical appraisal of performance in different climates - and there are more than 200 color photographs.
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Encyclopedia of Rhododendron Speciescover
by Peter A. Cox, Kenneth N.E. Cox (2001)
Hardcover - 396 pages (2001), Glendoick Publishing; ISBN 095305330X
This encyclopedia brings together all the temperate species in cultivation in one volume with extensive photographic illustrations of nearly all taxa described. Each species is covered by a full botanical description. A second paragraph contains a summary of the most important taxonomic characteristics used to identify each species and a discussion of how each species differs from its nearest relatives. A final paragraph covers brief cultivational details, dates of introduction and flowering time. This book contains over 1,500 photographs, showing the species close up and in the wild; and new information on classification and current taxonomic thought.
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Flowerbeds & Borders in Deer Countrycover
by Vincent Drzewucki
Paperback - 110 pages (April 2003) Brick Tower Books; ISBN: 1883283299
More and more, homeowners and gardeners throughout rural and suburban America have been forced to deal with a growing menace...Deer! From coast to coast, deer have developed quite an appetite for almost anything growing in our landscapes and gardens.
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Fungi on Rhododendron : A World Referencecover
by David F. Farr, H. Bartolome Esteban, and Mary E. Palm
Hardcover - 192 pages (April 1996) Parkway Pub; ISBN: 1887905006
This reference provides a compilation and taxonomy of all fungi reported on the genus Rhododendron. This includes a host-fungus list, a host-fungus list by locality, a fungus-host list, and a fungus list with information on the biology, distribution, a fungus index and literature citations.
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coverGardening In Deer Country
by Vincent Jr. Drzewucki
Paperback - 110 pages 2 edition (June 1998), Brick Tower Pr; ISBN: 1883283094
A major portion of Gardening in Deer Country is devoted to providing descriptions of deer resistant plants and their growing requirements. The gardener will find these descriptions extremely helpful. This book is the perfect companion to Deer Proofing Your Yard & Garden, by Rhonda Massingham Hart. The one area where Deer Proofing Your Yard & Garden is weak, plant descriptions, is the area where Gardening in Deer Country excels.
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Getting Started With Rhododendrons and Azaleascover
by Jay Harold Clarke
Paperback - 268 pages (1983) Timber Press; ISBN: 0917304306
Here, in clear, concise, and lively language, is an eye-opening guide for gardeners everywhere into the wonderful world of rhododendrons and azaleas.
Beginning with a description of their origin, uses, and special characteristics, Dr. Clarke discusses climates, the place of rhododendrons in gardens, soil requirements (including how land not naturally suited to this species can be prepared successfully), how to obtain and set out plants, their care, pest control, species and varieties, and hobby projects. Included also are planting lists for many places and purposes.
This basic primer, fully indexed and lavishly illustrated with 74 photographs especially taken by the author, answers all the little (and big) questions and presents a wealth of common-sense advice.
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Greer's Guidebook to Available Rhododendronscover
by Harold E. Greer
Hardcover - 228 pages; revised edition (February 1996), Offshoot Publications; ISBN: 0910013063
Third Edition. 1996. This book features all new color photography and over twice the number of photographs as in earlier editions. Emphasis in this edition is placed on important varieties, newer hybrids and species, organized by where they originate and by their relationship to each other! It contains the same authoritative text regarding plant parentage, hardiness, size and rating for nearly 2,000 rhododendron hybrids and species. Handy charts compare the attributes of the plants to aid in landscaping decisions. It includes advice on planting, care, diseases, pests and propagation. 228 pp., 500 color photos, line drawings, and charts.
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Greer's Guidebook to Available Rhododendronscover
by Harold E. Greer
Paperback - 228 pages (February 1996), Offshoot Publications; ISBN: 0910013055
See description of hardcover edition above.
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Growing Rhododendronscover
by Richard Francis
Hardcover - 176 pages (1998) Kangaroo Press/Simon & Schuster; ISBN: 0864178980
This book describes the rhododendron in nature, the fascinating story of its cultivation, and how it can be best used in landscaping, along with detailed advice on its cultivation, protection and propagation.
To assist the grower in the selection and identification of plants, the author provides detailed listings of 968 plants of all the rhododendron types available in nurseries around the world - 157 species and 811 hybrids, including the history, taxonomy, landscaping, and cultivation.
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Growing Rhododendrons and Azaleascover
by Geoff Bryant
Paperback - 96 pages (1996); ISBN: 0304346772
Check out this new edition of this book. "Rhododendrons and Azaleas"
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A Guide to Rhododendronscover
by Kenneth Cox
Hardcover - 128 pages (December 1992); Cassel Illustrated; ISBN: 1850792216
This is a "how-to" handbook for both weekend gardeners and rhodoholics. It attempts to cover all aspects of the genus including species and hybrids. Same as A Plantsman's Guide to Rhododendrons.
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coverHardy Rhododendron Species
by James Cullen
Hardcover - 496 pages (September 2005); ISBN: 0881927236
This reference provides the keys to the accurate identification of the nearly 300 rhododendron species widely in cultivation. An introduction examines the history of Rhododendron classification and gives a survey of plant structures throughout these species. Species are listed in systematic order, so that similar species occur close to each other in the text. Descriptions include citations of previous references and notes on the occurrence of wild-origin specimens in cultivation. Photographs include close-up shots of flower and leaf, microscope images of leaf surfaces, and easy-to-use diagnostic keys.
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coverThe Himalayan Garden
by Jim Jermyn
Hardcover - 320 pages (2001); ISBN: 0881925004
Jim Jermyn offers a horticultural handbook that allows lowland gardeners to successfully grow those plants that are native to the high Himalaya mountains. The highlights include species of Euphorbia, Gentiana, Meconopsis, Primula, Rhododendron, and more.
These plants are guaranteed to add an exotic touch to any garden, and with Jermyn's expert instructions and tips, they can be easily maintained. Excellent photographs round out an introduction to the plants, and the book includes a comprehensive list of recommended sources. (128 color photos)
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History of the Rhododendron Species Foundation: Genesis of a Botanic Gardencover
by Clarence Barrett
Hardcover - 336 pages (1994), Positive Attitudes; ISBN: 0963029274
From the beginning when a small group of American Rhododendron Society members gathered to seek out true species to the development of a renowned botanical garden. After years of financial struggles, three major moves and an unbelievable investment of labor, a world-class species rhododendron collection has a home in a renowned botanical garden. This is the story of the Rhododendron Species Foundation and its garden.
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How To Identify Rhododendron And Azalea Problemscover
by Art Antonelli, Washington State University
Paperback- 30 pages (1999), Washington State University; EB1229
Full color photos and descriptive text will help you identify disease and insect symptoms. It is well illustrated and very thorough. Includes hardiness chart for Washington state, and a list of hybrids resistant to root weevils. No chemical recommendations. Available from Washington State University as Publication EB1229. A recent order was $10 including $4 shipping.
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Hybrids and Hybridizers, Rhododendrons and Azaleas for Eastern North Americacover
edited by Philip A. Livingston and Franklin H. West
Hardcover - 296 pages (June 1978), Harrowood Books; ISBN: 0915180049
 This book is a unique record of the memorable men who hybridized rhododendrons in the eastern United States, with appraisals of the quality and hardiness of their hybrids and over a hundred color plates.
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coverThe Illustrated Rhododendron: Their Classification Portrayed Through the Artwork of Curtis's Botanical Magazine
by John Curtis (Illustrator), Pat Halliday
Hardcover - 274 pages, (September 2001); 120 Illustrations, Timberland Press: ISBN: 0881925101
William Curtis's Botanical Magazine, founded in 1787, is one of the oldest regular publications with color illustrations still in existence. In The Illustrated Rhododendron, Pat Halliday lays out the complicated classification of the genus according to the system approved by the Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh, taking as her inspiration the finely detailed drawings that appeared in the Botanical Magazine over the last two centuries. Though, of course, not all of the 850 or so species native to the Northern Hemisphere are pictured or discussed, every subgenus, section, and series is represented, the species chosen for inclusion based on the quality and condition of the illustration available, the importance of the species historically, the popularity of the species, and Halliday's personal interest in it. Halliday's accounts of the selected species' discovery and cultivation, as well as her meticulous descriptions of the plants, range, and habitats, will captivate rhododendron enthusiasts. Ultimately, this is a book on the classification of the Rhododendron genus, with some very pretty pictures thrown in. --Liana Fredley
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coverKalmia : Mountain Laurel and Related Species
by Richard A. Jaynes
Hardcover - 300 pages 3rd edition (April 1997), Timber Press; ISBN: 0881923672
Mountain laurel, Kalmia latifolia, is common companion plant to rhododendron. This book reflects dramatic changes in the number of cultivars and significant strides in propagation. It details all seven Kalmia species and more than 80 recognized cultivated varieties, 35 of which were selected or bred by the author, and includes history, characteristics, cultivating, and landscaping ideas.
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coverLarger Rhododendron Species
by Peter A. Cox, N. E. Cox
Hardcover 2 edition (November 1990), Timber Press; ISBN: 0881921807
A revised and extended edition of this classic guide to the larger species of Rhododendron, covering every aspect of cultivation, as well as the latest botanical classifications. Propagation, disorders and maintenance are covered. Over 80 new color plates illustrate Peter Cox's authoritative text, in addition to the existing fine line drawings.
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coverMaking the most of Rhododendrons and Azaleas
by Christopher Fairweather
Paperback - 112 pages (April 1993), John Markham & Associates; ISBN: 0903001667
The overwhelming, showy spectacle of a mass of azaleas, or a hybrid rhododendron in full colour, is a glorious sight. This book is written with one aim - to show you how to get the best from these extravagant plants all year round.
You will find advice about choosing and placing, planting and caring for your plants, together with a wealth of background interest. This is essentially a practical book, providing beautiful illustrations, information on container growing, pests and diseases and a glossary on over 200 species and hybrid rhododendrons and azaleas. It is written primarily for the UK.
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Outwitting Deer: 101 Truly Ingenious Methods and Proven Techniquescover
by Bill Adler Jr.
Paperback- 192 pages (October 1999); The Lyons Press; ISBN: 1558216294
Full title is: Outwitting Deer: 101 Truly Ingenious Methods and Proven Techniques to Prevent Deer from Devouring Your Garden and Destroying Your Yard. Learn how to make homemade repellents, buy commercial grade deterrents that work, landscape your garden to repel deer.
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The Pacific Coast Rhododendron Storycover
by Sonja Nelson (Compiler)
Hardcover- 180 pages (April 2001); Binford & Mort; ISBN: 0832305375
In collaboration with the Portland Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society, horticulturist and gardener Sonja Nelson presents the reader with a profusely illustrated history of the Rhododendron (first discovered in 1792 by Menzies on the shore of Puget Sound), and the people who have a passion for growing, collecting, and hybridizing rhododendrons. The informative text is enhanced with beautifully executed color photography. The Pacific Coast Rhododendron Story is enhanced further with a list of West Coast Hybridizers, a list of the West Coast hybrids; a selected species form; a photo index, and an extensive bibliography for further study.
Also available in Paperback
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The Pacific Coast Rhododendron Storycover
by Sonja Nelson (Compiler)
Paperback- 163 pages (April 2001); Binford & Mort; ISBN: 0832305367
See the description above.
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A Plantsman's Guide to Rhododendrons (Plantsman's Guide Series)cover
by Kenneth Cox
Hardcover - 128 pages (December 1989); Ward Lock Ltd; ISBN: 0706367545
This is a "how-to" handbook for both weekend gardeners and rhodoholics. It attempts to cover all aspects of the genus including species and hybrids. Same as A Guide to Rhododendrons.
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Plantsman's Paradise, Travels in Chinacover
by Roy Lancaster
Hardcover - 520 pages (April 25, 2008), Antique Collectors Club; ISBN: 1851495150
China truly is a plantsman's paradise: it is so rich in variety that there are upwards of 3,000 native plants on a single mountain in China, compared to around 2,000 in the whole of the British Isles. Nearly 1,000 of Lancaster's own attractive and colorful photographs illustrate the text, showing the wealth of Chinese plants in the wild and in Western cultivation: the rare, the exotic and the surprisingly familiar. The informative text is interspersed with fascinating descriptions and anecdotes from his travels. 520 pp., 800 color photos, 70 b/w photos.
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Pocket Guide to Rhododendron Species cover *NEW*
by J. F. McQuire and M.L.A. Robinson
Hardcover - 704 pages (April 2010), Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew; ISBN: 1842461486
An enthusiast's guide, which profiles all the hardy Rhododendron and Azalea species in temperate zones throughout the world. At the heart of the book are more than 700 colour photographs, used to illustrate every aspect of the plants together with succinct descriptions which include flower colour and flowering time, habit, height, performance, and, critically, leaf characteristics to aid species identification when the plants are not in bloom. Based on the acclaimed descriptions of H.H. Davidian, the book nonetheless takes fully into account modern taxonomic revisions to the genus.
A perfect companion whether you are touring a botanical garden or trekking in the remote Himalayas.
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Production of Florist Azaleas (Growers Handbook, Vol 6)cover
by Roy A. Larson, Allan M. Armitage
Paperback - 136 pages (September 1993), Timber Press; ISBN: 0881922307
Production of Florist Azaleas focuses on azaleas that will be sold for use as indoor plants in locations such as the home, office, or shopping mall. General information on propagation, flower initiation and development, dormancy, nutrition, and insect and disease control is included, but what makes this book particularly useful are chapters geared to the specialty grower detailing such topics as breaking dormancy, year-round flowering, and marketing.
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The Public Rhododendron Gardens of Vancouver Islandcover *NEW*
by Ian E. Efford with Alan Campbell & Susan Lightburn
Paperback - 144 pages (May 2015), Ian E. Efford; ISBN: 9780994732
"The Public Rhododendron Gardens of Vancouver Island" is a valuable source of information and a tour book for gardeners or for anyone who might like a guide when visiting the island. There are about 150 photographs of the gardens and of named rhododendrons. All except a handful have been taken by the garden owners or rhododendron enthusiasts.
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Pukeiti: New Zealand's Finest Rhododendron Gardencover
by Pat Greenfield
Hardcover - 120 pages (1997), David Bateman; ISBN: 1869532864
Story of an important New Zealand garden, the only public rhododendron garden in the world sited in rain forest & with one of the world's finest collections of sub-tropical vireya rhododendrons. Set against the magnificent backdrop of Mt Taranaki, Pukeiti is acknowledged as one of the world's finest rhododendron gardens. This is the story of its development and splendor. Over 120 colour illustrations.
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A Resplendence of Rhododendronscover
by Victoria Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society
Paperback - 134 pages (March 2005), Victoria Rhododendron Society; ISBN: 0969398913
This book was especially written for the ARS 2005 Annual Meeting in Victoria. It is a unique record of the rhododendron pioneers who hybridized rhododendrons in the western United States.  
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Rhododendroncover   *NEW*
by Richard Milne.
Hardcover - 224 pages (September 15, 2017), Reaktion Books; ISBN: 1780238150;

In this beautifully illustrated volume, Richard Milne shows the many ways that rhododendrons have influenced human societies. Over one thousand species exist in the Genus Rhododendron, ranging from rugged trees on Himalayan slopes to rock-hugging alpines, and delicate plants perched on trees in rainforests. Milne's book, Rhododendron, is not a gardening book or a horticultural book, but rather a very readable and up-to-date book of interesting facts about Genus Rhododendron that most other rhododendron books gloss over if they mention them at all.  This is not a reference book, but a book of interesting information that is especially great for those of us with a keen interest in rhododendrons. The publisher is correct when it says, "Milne relays tales of mythical figures, intrepid collectors, and eccentric plant breeders. However, much you may think you know about the rhododendron, this charming book will offer something new."  [224 pp, 70 color plates, 30 halftones.] To preview the JARS book review go to Milne Review. (PDF)

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Rhododendron Basicscover, Growing Healthy Plants
by Harold E. Greer.
Pamphlet - 17 pages (April 1996), Offshoot Publications; ISBN: 0910013071;
The title covers the contents of this booklet by Mr. Greer, a well-known rhododendron expert. Included is information on planting requirements, fertilizing, pests and diseases, non-disease problems, pruning, and propagation. Numerous color photos, as well as line drawings, accompany the text. The most frequently asked question is answered: "What is the difference between a rhododendron and an azalea?" Great for the home gardener and equally useful for nurseries and rhododendron society chapters. 17 pp., 49 color photos, 7 line drawings, and soft cover.
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coverRhododendron Hybrids
by Homer E. Salley, Harold E. Greer
Hardcover - 442 pages 2nd edition (May 1992), Timber Press; ISBN: 088192184X
This is a complete guide to hybrid rhododendron. It is the standard guide to rhododendron parentage Based on the journals maintained at Greer Gardens, this pedigree book of some 5,000 hybrids is unique in its completeness. The photographs are all different from those of the first edition. This work includes newly registered and widely distributed rhododendrons, totaling several hundreds of hybrids. Along with color pictures, an easy-to-read style of print is used. Listings of hybrids of uncertain parentage are merged with others to facilitate easier reference. 592 color plates.
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coverThe Rhododendron Leaf - A Study of the Epidermal Appendages
by J. M. Cowan
Hardcover - 120 Pages 1st edition (1950), , Oliver & Boydl ASIN: B0000CHUO7
Most authors mention that lepidote rhododendrons have scales and that many rhododendrons have indumentum and tomentum, but this book explains exactly what these terms mean. This book studies in depth and classifies these minute structures of which the leaf covering is composed. The principal types of hair and scale found on various rhododendron species are described and illustrated by highly magnified drawings and color plates. The significance of these structures in the classification of the genus and their importance as a criteria for the identification of species and related groups is discussed. The account is both comprehensive and scientific. 7 color plates, 37 black & white plates, 8 illustration.
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coverRhododendron Portraits
by D. M. van Gelderen and J. R. P. van Hoey Smith,
Hardcover - 424 Pages (March 1992) , Timber Press, 1144 color photographs, ISBN: 0881921947
Illustrated throughout in full color this is the most comprehensive photographic survey of the elepidote rhododendrons published. The large-flowered, evergreen species and hybrids are grouped according to a system that emphasizes the natural relationship between the many fine hybrids and their parents.
The introduction provides an overview of the genus, including the history of Rhododendron classification and hybridizing. The following reference pages provide more detailed information about the plants documented in the 1144 color photographs, including notes on distribution, botanical characteristics, and species of particular Interest to gardeners, nursery professionals, and landscape designers. The generously sized plant portraits were selected from more than 3000 taken by the authors since 1960.
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coverThe Rhododendron Species : Azaleas Vol 4
by H. H. Davidian
Hardcover - 184 pages (August 1995), Timber Press; ISBN: 0881923117
Volume IV on Series Azalea completes Davidian's detailed taxonomic treatment of the enormous and complex genus Rhododendron. This is the last volume of a complete treatment of the genus. The core of this long awaited fourth volume is a list of azaleas in their subseries, keys to the five subseries, and full descriptions of all 104 species. 163 color plates, 7 b/w photos, numerous line drawings and maps.
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coverThe Rhododendron Species : Vol 3 Elepidotes Neriiflorum-Thomsonii, Azaleastrum and Camtschaticum
by H. H. Davidian
Hardcover - 429 pages (September 1992), Timber Press; ISBN: 0881921688
Volumes II and III, devoted to the elepidotes, are part of Davidian's detailed taxonomic treatment of the enormous and complex genus Rhododendron. This is the third volume of Davidian's superb treatment of species rhododendrons, covering the final seven series of elepidotes, the Subgenus Azaleastrum and the Camtschaticum Series of Subgenus Therorhodion. 161 color photos, 35 b/w illus.
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coverRhododendron Species, Vol 2 Part 1 : Elepidotes, Series Arboreum-Lacteum
by H.H. Davidian
Hardcover - 392 pages (January 1989), Timber Press; ISBN: 0881921092
Volumes II and III, devoted to the elepidotes, are part of Davidian's detailed taxonomic treatment of the enormous and complex genus Rhododendron. Rhododendron enthusiasts will happily welcome Volume II, Part I: Elepidotes of Davidian's monumental treatment of the species. Information includes history, culture, keys, and complete descriptions. Line drawings plus color and black and white photos complement the descriptions. This work summarizes Davidian's profound knowledge of the species rhododendrons. 429 pp., 48 color plates, 7 b/w photos, and 35 line drawings.
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coverRhododendron Species, Vol 1: Lepidotes
by H.H. Davidian
Hardcover - 431 pages (December 1982), Timber Press; ISBN: 0917304713
Lepidote rhododendrons are covered in Volume I of Davidian's detailed taxonomic treatment of the enormous and complex genus Rhododendron. Distinguished by its breadth and thoroughness, this is the most complete treatment of the genus. The core of the book consists of a list of lepidote Rhododendrons in their series, a key to the series and subseries and full description of each species. Also presented is a history of rhododendron expeditions. 97 color photos. 325 b/w photos and 39 line drawings.
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by Peter Alfred Cox
Paperback - 62 pages (May 1992); Cassell Academic; ISBN 0304311057
The Wisley Handbook on Rhododendrons published by The Royal Horticultural Society. This book describes where rhododendrons grow in the wild, how they are used in the landscape, culture, propagation, pests and diseases, climate problems, and has species and hybrid descriptions.
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by Gerd Krüssmann
Hardcover - 96 pages (1970); Ward Lock Ltd.; ISBN 0706311140
"Rhododendrons; their history, geographical distribution, hybridization and culture" is concerned with the large number of successfully hybridized varieties, not just their botanical characteristics, but with all aspects of practical cultivation.
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Rhododendrons (The New Plant Library)cover
by Lin Hawthorne
Hardcover - 64 pages (February 1999); ISBN 185967903X
A brief but comprehensive look at rhododendrons, their history, classification, popular varieties, and cultural information.
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coverRhododendrons: A Care Manual
by Kenneth N. E. Cox, Laurel Glen
Hardcover - 128 pages (March 1998) Thunder Bay Press; ISBN: 1571456201
Rhododendrons and azaleas are some of most popular and beautiful flowering shrubs, with over 800 species in existence and thousands of hybrids developed. Following in the footsteps of his father Peter and grandfather Euan, author Kenneth Cox runs the family nursery at Glendoick Gardens, home to one of the world's most impressive collections of rhododendrons and azaleas. His Manual is a beautifully photographed step-by-step guide to the cultivation, care, and many varieties of rhododendrons. Detailed information for the beginning grower from planting, through maintenance and general care of Rhododendrons and Azaleas.
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Rhododendrons and Azaleascover
by Judith Mary, Berrisford
Hardcover - 288 pages (January 1973), Faber & Faber; ISBN: 057104798X
Details on how to and characteristics of the species. What is especially interesting is that the author's rhododendron and azalea garden is in alkaline soil. It details the steps necessary to keep these acid loving plants healthy under such conditions.
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coverRhododendrons and Azaleas
by Ann Bonar
Soft cover. - 48 pages (March 1993) HarperCollins Publisher; ISBN: 0004128613
A Collins Garden Guide: Collins Aura Garden Handbooks. A fully illustrated guide to every aspect of growing rhododendrons and azaleas including: choosing and buying, propagation, dealing with pests and diseases, feeding, watering, weeding, and where to site your plants.
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Rhododendrons and Azaleascover
by Bowers
Hardcover - 526 pages (January 1960); MacMillan Publishing Company; ASIN: 0025141805
Rhododendrons and Azaleas discusses their physiology, climatology, history, breeding, and uses in landscaping, and presents a worldwide picture of their origins, development, adaptation, and cultivation. The book gives explicit directions for the planting, maintenance, and propagation of all types of rhododendrons and azaleas, and lists species and varieties according to height, hardiness, color, and merit. The first part of the book introduces rhododendrons as ornamental plants and in the wild. It discusses culture, site and shelter, soil and nutrition, planting and maintenance, hardiness, preventing trouble, propagation, culture under glass, the technique of crossing, enemies of the rhododendrons, names, and descriptive terms. Part two presents notes on the series and natural species, and notes on the cultivars. In addition there are special lists, keys, references, charts, and over 220 illustrations, with 50 in full color.
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coverRhododendrons and Azaleas
by Geoff Bryant
Hardcover - 96 pages (March 3, 2001), Firefly Books; ISBN: 1552095657
Formerly a hybridizer of rhododendrons and azaleas, Bryant covers ground he knows well: the history of rhododendrons and azaleas, their classification, and their uses in the garden. He also discusses soil, culture, pests, diseases, propagation and assessing one's site. The heart of the book is dedicated to an extensive listing of rhododendron and azalea species and cultivars, including brief descriptions of the plants along with USDA hardiness zones. 96 beautiful color photographs complement the text.
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Rhododendrons and Azaleascover
by Geoff Bryant
Paperback - 96 pages (March 3, 2001) Firefly Books; ISBN: 155209524X
See description above
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Rhododendrons and Azaleascover
by Mervyn Kessell
Hardcover - 176 pages (March 1982); Blandford Press; ISBN: 0713710764
The history of the genus Rhododendron is covered, and the complicated nomenclature is discussed, before cultivation and propagation details are given. There are notes, too, on pest and disease control and an unusual feature of the book is the appendices which gives locations of rhododendron gardens: lists of rhododendrons suitable for various purposes: societies which can help with regional advice: and information as to where, and how easily, various species are available.
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Rhododendrons and azaleascover
by I. F. La Croix
Hardcover - 256 pages (1973); David & Charles; ISBN: 0715359444
This book explains how rhododendrons and azaleas, particularly the better hybrids and the easier species, can form the foundation of an easily kept garden that looks attractive at all seasons of the year. One unique feature of this book is that is features a translation of Dr. Seumer's 1949 classification of the genus.
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Rhododendrons and Azaleas: A Colour Guide
by Kenneth Cox
Hardcover - 240 pages (October 2005), Crowood Press; ISBN: 1861267843
Rhododendrons and Azaleas is a unique, full-color guide to the identification and appreciation of these ever-popular plants. This new book will be the most comprehensive single volume available, covering history cultivation and propagation of rhododendrons and azaleas with a comprehensive listing of species and 4000 hybrids, including Vireyas. Over 1000 photographs.
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Rhododendrons for Every Gardencover
by Geoffrey R. Wakefield
Hardcover - 174 pages (1965); W H & L Collingridge Limited; ISBN: 1275226813
Wakefield, a professional gardener, covers most all aspects of rhododendrons and azaleas including history, cultivation, landscaping, propagation, the species, the hybrids, pests, diseases, and last but not least, showing trusses. It has both b/w and color photographs.
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Rhododendrons in Americacover
by Ted Van Veen
Paperback - 192 pages (March 1986); Binford & Mort Pub; ISBN: 0832303747
Unrivaled in its brilliant full-color photography of the world's most beautiful flowering shrubs, Rhododendrons in America will enable gardeners throughout the world to enjoy a wider selection of rhododendron varieties, and grow them with success.
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coverRhododendrons in the Landscape
by Sonja Nelson
Hardcover - 256 pages (March 2000), Timber Press; ISBN: 0881924407
This excellent book on landscaping and the use of rhododendrons is authored by Sonja Nelson, editor of the Journal American Rhododendron Society. It offers guidance on how best to use rhododendrons in woodland and alpine rock gardens, small gardens, and elements such as island beds, containers, hedges, and water features.
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coverRhododendrons of China
by American Rhododendron Society and Rhododendron Species Foundation, Young
Hardcover - 670 pages (May 2001), Binford & Mort Pub; ISBN: 0832303739
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Rhododendrons of China Vol. IIcover
by Feng Guomei
Hardcover -237 pages (1992), Lubrecht & Cramer Ltd; ISBN 7030022467
A delight! A visual treat! Beautifully illustrated with 407 color photos of 118 species of Rhododendron in their native habitats. This book not only presents spectacular photographs of parts of rural China that are never seen but plants that are now part of a reserve. The reserve area was negotiated by the Chinese Government , the American Rhododendron Society and Nature Conservancy. This volume not only covers the rhododendrons of Yunnan which have not been included in Volume I, but also the rhododendrons which occur in Sichuan, Xizang, Qinghai, Guizhou, Jiangxi, Fujian, Taiwan, Guangdong, Liaoning of NE China, and other places. 118 species, varieties and subspecies which belong to 5 subgenera are featured in 8 sections and 21 subsections. Breath-taking photography! A must have reference for every serious species collector.
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Rhododendrons of China Vol. IIIcover
by Feng Guomei (Editor), Yang Zenghong (Editor), Guo-Mei Feng (Editor)
Hardcover - 194 pages (October 1999), Science Press; ISBN 1880132397
A beautiful book and invaluable reference! Gorgeous photographs and detailed descriptions of 105 species; thirteen are new species discovered since the 1980's and some of these species are published for the first time!  Native habitat includes Tibet and the provinces of Yunnan, Guangxi, Sichuan, Jiangxi, Fujian, Hunan and Guangdong.  An important book for every serious species collector.
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Rhododendrons of the Worldcover
by David G. Leach
Hardcover - 544 pages (January 1961), Scribner Book Co., ISBN: 0684103516
The most comprehensive book on rhododendrons ever published. It covers planting, care, diseases, propagation, forcing, greenhouse culture and hardiness: it gives a history of rhododendrons and their distribution all over the world.
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Riddle of the Tsangpo Gorgescover
by Frank Kingdon Ward, Kenneth Cox, Ken Storm Jr., Ian Baker
Hardcover - 336 pages (May 25, 2008), Antique Collectors Club; ISBN: 1851495169
Riddle of the Tsangpo Gorges, first published in 1926, is the fascinating account of plant-hunter and explorer Frank Kingdon Ward's most important expedition. Kenneth Cox, Kenneth Storm, Jr. and Ian Baker spent the last fifteen years retracing the route of the 1924-25 expedition and managed to reach further into this magical and only partly explored land. The book contains the original Kingdon Ward text and additional material including a history of the expedition, geography and religious significance of the area. This updated edition features new information that covers the Tsangpo Gorges in the 21st century. Kenneth Cox and Kenneth Storm, Jr., provide first-person accounts of expeditions to the area, and a photographic essay documents for the first time in a book the new Hidden Falls located in the section of the gorges left unexplored by Frank Kingdon Ward and Lord Cawdor in 1924. 336pp., 273 color photos, 54 b/w photos.
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The Rothschild Gardenscover
by Miriam Rothschild DSc, Kate Garton, Lionel de Rothschild, Andrew Lawson.
Hardcover- 190 pages (October 1996), Gala Books; ISBN 1856750922
The Rothschild family, famed as financiers, have created gardens and parklands that have become an important part of the heritage of several countries. This volume explores the greatest Rothschild parks and gardens, as they were and as they are today. There is also a glimpse into private gardens today, including Miriam Rothschild's own beautiful conservation garden, home to birds, beasts and butterflies. Containing numerous anecdotes, this book features photographs which illustrate the developments in the family's styles and scale of gardening. The author conveys the competitiveness and drive for perfection. This quest has led several Rothschilds to become plant specialists, and botanical gardens worldwide have benefited from their collections.
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Rothschild Rhododendrons : A Record of the Gardens at Exburycover
by Phillips, C.E. L. and Peter N. Barber.
Hardcover - 138 pages (February 1980), 65 color plates, drawings; ISBN 0025974408
Exbury, a 250 acre estate near Beaulieu in Hampshire, was established in 1919. Rhododendrons always predominated and within twenty years Lionel de Rothschild had introduced nearly 500 new rhododendron and azalea hybrids. This book is a memorial to a great gardener and a most readable history of the development of the estate. Color photo plates by Harry Smith and drawings by Gillian Kenny, detailed botanical information.
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coverSatsuki Azaleas for Bonsai and Azalea Enthusiasts *NEW*
by Robert Z. Callaham
Paperback - 240 pages, (May 2006), Stone Lantern; ISBN: 0976755017
This is an encyclopedia of over 1,600 Satsuki cultivars with over 500 color photos. The sections on seasonal care with a garden calendar include pruning, shaping, thread grafting, repotting, and more. It also includes advice on collecting Satsukis, and details of the progression of bloom. It also contains references on factors affecting blooming and foliar feeding.
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Seeds of Adventure, In Search of Plantscover
by Peter Cox and Peter Hutchison
Hardcover - 416 pages (July 25, 2008), Antique Collectors Club; ISBN: 1870673581
This book is the story of the travels made by two Peters in search of plants in Turkey, India, Nepal, Bhutan, China and Tibet. They explored territory where no western plant hunters had been since such great explorers as Frank Kingdon Ward, and some of the trails they followed were so remote and rough that the plants had never before been studied. Where the Himalayan range meets the gorge country of south-west China lies the richest temperate flora in the world. Here the plant life can mate, mutate and migrate in an evolutionary stew that challenges the botanist to classify it. With their Chinese and Indian colleagues, the Peters introduced many plants, especially rhododendrons, new or lost to cultivation, often saving them from extinction, many of which can be grown outside in the temperate regions of Europe and the United States. 416pp., 5 b/w photos, 740 color photos
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Sikkim-Himalayan Rhododendronscover
by Udai C. Pradham - Sonam T. Lachungpa
Hardcover - 129 pages plus 20 pages of color plates (1990), Primulaceae Books; ISBN: 8185423024
This account of the Rhododendrons of Sikkim-Himalaya provides a complete taxonomic revision of all the 36 rhododendron species including several sub-specis and the varieties known from this region. Diagrams made in thefield illustrate the species, varieties, and the winter bud and leaf arrangement. Etymology and history, ecology, conservation, uses and cultivation and propagation are discussed along with Lepcha folklore. A key to the 36 species is provided for the first time. Habitat notes, field characters, and flowering time are given for all species are given. Common English names and Nepali names further enhance this volume. 129pp. plus 20 pages with 56 color plates and 51 line drawings.
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The Smaller Rhododendronscover
by Peter A. Cox
Hardcover - 295 pages (August 1985), Timber Press; ISBN: 0881920142
This is a thorough, well presented, informative treatment of the subject. The author surveys smaller rhododendrons in their natural habitat, their distribution, ecology and introduction to cultivation, and then moves on to garden cultivation, examining shelter, shade, climate, hardiness, and plant associations. 295pp., 41 b/w photos, 55 line drawings.
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Solving Deer Problemscover
by Peter Loewer
Hardcover - 256 pages (August 1985), The Lyons Press; ISBN: 158574672X
Able to leap an eight-foot fence, sneak silently through the suburbs at night, and outrun a greyhound (not to mention a beagle or Labrador retriever), the deer is the number one enemy not only of the gardener but of anyone who wants to relax in the backyard without catching Lyme disease from deer ticks or drive safely down a highway without fear of collision.
Solving Deer Problems is an invaluable manual that covers: How to build a fence that will deter and withstand a deer onslaught; the use of chemical weapons such as bottled deer repellent; how to choose plants deer will avoid (and also those that attract them); how to avoid deer on the road. Peter Loewer also discusses why deer seem to be overrunning our suburban communities, and what can be done on the local level.
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Southern Living Azaleascover
by Fred Galle
Hardcover - 96 pages (1974), Oxmore House; ASIN: B000NYGLGK
A guide to selecting and cultivating azaleas in order to create a garden that will be beautiful for many generations.
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coverSuccess with Rhododendrons and Azaleas, Revised edition
by H. Edward Reiley
Paperback - 344 pages, Reprint edition (2004), Timber Press; ISBN: 088192637X
Illustrated with more than 110 striking color photographs and packed with advice on every aspect of rhododendron growing, from soil preparation and landscape design to advanced propagating and hybridizing techniques, this is the most useful book on these spectacular flowering shrubs. Reiley has fully updated his practical, hands-on approach with more of the detailed information that gardeners need to choose and grow these luxuriant, beautifully blossoming plants. Highly recommended. 344 pp., 110 color photos.
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coverSuccess with Rhododendrons and Azaleas
by Andrea Kosel
Paperback - 64 pages, (March 1999), Murdoch Books UK; ISBN: 1853917443
Describes varieties for gardens and pots, rhododendrons and their origins, important species and cultivars and how to encourage profuse blooms. It also deals with transplanting, the flowering calendar and identifying soil types. It also features companion plants.
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Tales of the Rose Tree: Ravishing Rhododendrons And Their Travels Around the Worldcover
by Jane Brown
Hardcover (2006) - 320 pages ; David R. Godine Publisher; ISBN: 1567923127
Jane Brown's Tales of the Rose Tree is a eulogy of the rhododendron, exploring its natural history, the adventures of the plant hunters who collected it, its hybridizing and the obsessions of the gardeners who grew it. This readable book is a feat and feast of research. This new US edition includes 'The Best Places to Find Rhododendrons in the US'.
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Top-Rated Azaleas and Rhododendrons : And How to Use Them in Your Gardencover
by Horticulturalist Associates Inc.
Paperback - 64 pages (February 1983); Golden Press; ISBN: 030746623X
Complete care information for 175 TOP-RATED azaleas and rhododendrons. Over 150 full-color photos. USDA climate maps and regional information identify the right plants for each location. Landscape charts and suggestions provide helpful cultural advice.
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coverVireyas: A Practical Gardening Guide
by John Kenyon & Jacqueline Walker
Paperback - 96 pages (June 1997) Timber Press; ISBN: 0881924024
This highly illustrated guide is an introduction to growing vireya rhododendrons. It includes information on the discovery and cultivation history of these relative newcomers. Interesting accounts of how vireyas grow in the wild provide valuable clues to their requirements in cultivation. Practical advice is given on growing vireyas successfully in mild climates and in containers, caring for and maintaining healthy, attractive plants; propagation; pests and diseases. Suggestions are given for using vireyas in warm climate landscapes, including lists of species and hybrids with notable attributes and a discussion of suitable companion plants. A descriptive list of species and many of the numerous hybrids in cultivation throughout the world. The least known of rhododendrons, vireyas greatly enlarge the range of garden color that rhododendrons can provide, with their glorious orange and yellow blossoms. This new book contains the most up-to-date information available concerning vireyas. 69 color photos.
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coverWildlife in the Garden: How to Live in Harmony with ... Pesky Creatures
by Gene Logsdon
Paperback - 275 pages (June 1997) Indiana University Press; ISBN: 0253212847
The full title is: Wildlife in the Garden: How to Live in Harmony With Deer, Raccoons, Rabbits, Crows, and Other Pesky Creatures. Contrary gardener Gene Logsdon has found an imaginative way to introduce gardeners to a more total enjoyment of nature--fauna as well as flora. What gardeners consider pests (rabbits devouring petunias, deer browsing the morning glories), Logsdon views as just more of nature's wonders, and teaches us, intimately and lyrically, to live together with them in harmony. If you're not yet familiar with the wonderful musings of Gene Logsdon, this is a perfect introduction.
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