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ARS 2019 Convention Committee

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Meeting Report: Monday, Apr. 2, 2018

( 2019ARSReport1804.pdf )

Important Files

Report for the April 2, 2018 meeting at 7:00 pm at Jenkins

2019ARSReport1804.pdf NEW



The Desmond Final Contract
    Desmond Hotel Update NEW
Helicopter Museum Contract
Convention Bureau Sponsorship Letter

Planned Garden Tours

Planned Garden Tours (PDF) revised 3/13/17
Planned Garden Tours Map (PDF) revised 3/13/17
Planned Bus Plan (PDF) revised 3/10/17

Preliminary Bus Contract (PDF) 3/18/17

Logos, and Promotion

ARS2019Logos (PDF)
ARS2019LogosAlt (PDF)

ARS2019 Promo (PowerPoint) revised 4/1/17
ARS2019 Promo (PDF) revised 4/1/17

ARS2019ConventionPromoNotes (PDF) revised 4/23/17

ARS2019PromoCard (PDF) revised 4/1/17

Convention Committee Directory revised 9/18/17

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April 2, 2018, ARS 2019 Convention Committee Meeting Report
For a printable download of this report, click on: 2019ARSReport1804.pdf

NOTE:  The next meeting is Monday, June 4, 2018, at 7:00 PM at Jenkins.

Those present were: Karel Bernady, Michelle Hawk, Darlene Henning, Stephen Henning, Michael Martin Mills, Jerry O'Dell, Bob Smetana, Harold Sweetman, and Kathy Woehl Craig Conover, Kim Kopple, and Debby Schmidt teleconferenced.

Hotel & Catering - Debby Schmidt: We have contracts with The Desmond, and The American Helicopter Museum, and accepted the offer from The Chester County Convention Bureau to subsidize buses used to transport people to and from the museum.  The Desmond contract is at The Helicopter Museum contract is at: We will need to rent tables at the Helicopter Museum.

Convention Format: The convention format will be:

  • Tuesday, May 14, 2019: ARS Executive Committee meets in the evening
  • Wednesday, May 15, 2019:  ARS Board of Directors meeting all day.
    We will have a pre-tour to Chanticleer and Winterthur. 
  • Thursday, May 16, 2019: The convention starts with a garden tour and lunch at Tyler and an evening wine and dine at Jenkins. Plant sale opens after we return from Jenkins.
  • Friday, May 17, 2019: A full day of bus tours at Mt. Cuba, Longwood, and Guymon's WynEden.
    Dinner and talks will be at the American Helicopter Museum.
  • Saturday, May 18, 2019: A full day of bus tours to Morris, Stoneleigh, Mills' and Moser's. 
    Banquet and keynote speech will be at The Desmond.
  • Sunday, May 19, 2019:  Breeders roundtable in the morning. We will have a list of open houses at private gardens for people to visit on their own.

Until May 1, 2019, we have 80 rooms blocked out for 4 nights, Wednesday night through Saturday night, and 15 rooms blocked out for Tuesday night at the convention rate of $149.  Guests arriving on shoulder nights will be accommodated at the convention rate.

Action Action: Debby reported on a meeting at the Desmond with Debby, Karel, Steve, and Jaclyn Tiedemann, Conference Manager, on Thur., Mar. 29, 2018, and confirmed that the change to a Doubletree by Hilton has not changed any of our plans. However, it has changed the wallpaper, no botanic print anymore. The 4-poster king beds will be even taller, about 35". The twin queen beds are still conventional height. Handicapped rooms have twin queen beds. The look is definitely more modern. This does mean all new wallcoverings, carpeting, tile work, and fixtures. They are almost done remodeling guest rooms.

Finance - Michael Martin Mills:  Michael secured $1,500 each from each of the 4 chapters.  This loan is treated as an expense of the convention and will be paid before any charitable disbursements.  The Greater Philadelphia chapter is the legal entity for the convention, providing their 501(c)(3) status and their Treasurer doing the banking and their president signing agreements. Current assets are $3,594.17 which includes a $1,000 donation from Lois Sheinfeld. Payments include $3,000 for The Desmond deposit, $100 deposit for The American Helicopter Museum, and $305.83 for 1,000 promotional rack cards for the 2017 Spring meeting in Eureka, CA; the 2017 Fall meeting in Richmond, VA; the 2018 Spring meeting in Bremen, Germany, and the 2018 Fall meeting in Chattanooga, TN. We will need a $2,610 deposit to reserve buses in the summer of 2018. The ARS provides insurance coverage for ARS Conventions with up to 500 attendees. That will be more than sufficient. Budgeting will be for 150, 200, & 250 registrants.

Action Action: The Greater Philadelphia Chapter BOD agreed to cover any early cash flow problems.

ActionItem Action Item: The budget must be finalized at the September 2018 committee meeting and that registration fees, tour fees, and banquet fees be established. We will have an early bird registration fee.

ActionItem Action Item: Michael's committee is formulating a budget for the convention. Input is sought for this budget. Line items will include: registration and public relations, hotel & banquet catering, tours and tour catering, plant sale, truss show, photo show, speakers, publicity, and any other items.

Sponsorships-  Maris Ogg: Maris is establishing levels and benefits. The Chester County Convention Bureau will do tote bags, name tags, lanyards, etc. Terrain/Urban Outfitters was mentioned.

Raffle & Auction: We have a number of items donated for the auction including a $360 book on Azaleas of China. In addition, Steve Krebs has promised some "great plants" from Holden Arboretum.
Some other items we may get include: Tom Ahern bird carving, grafted Furman's Big Yellow plant, Mimi Farve jewelry, naming rights for an unnamed hybrid, etc. Big ticket items will be sold in a live auction.

Action Action: It was agreed to look into auctioning the naming rights for Furman's unnamed purple.

ActionItem Action Item: Karel will check with Tom Ahern about a bird carving.

Garden Tours & Catering - Steve Henning: DVDs about the gardens will be shown on the buses en route to the gardens. It was agreed to open up the tours to people not registered for the convention from a standby list in the last month to fill up the buses. The following documents describe the tours:

Steve contacted Klein Transportation and all of the gardens. All responded favorably. The results:

  • Chanticleer: comp. admission, coffee & light refreshments, custom map, docents in garden.
  • Winterthur: group rate (~$17), 2 comp. tickets for each 15, tram, 2 floors of exhibits.

Action Action: Jerry will check with Linda Eirhart, Dir. Of Hort., 302-888-4825, (correction to email), about embracing our convention tour.

  • Tyler: proposed the following and the committee accepted:

Action Action: Tyler proposed admission, either a box or buffet lunch on the terrace and docents for $25.

  • Jenkins: free, $35 per person for wine and dine in the garden. Sponsorships would lower this fee.
  • Mt. Cuba: $9 per person. Docents in garden. Harold contacted Mt. Cuba director. No change.
  • Longwood Garden: group rate (~$19), picnic area for 100 and tented area for 50.

ActionItem Action Item: Jerry will check with Peter Zale,, associate director of research, about embracing our convention tour.

  • Stoneleigh Estate: complimentary admission.
  • Morris Arboretum: comp. admission, picnic pavilion for 120. Michael contacted Paul Meyer and got free admission with Morris catering (mini-buffet).

Action Action: Klein Transportation: 54-passenger coach is about $1,450 plus $150 tip. A 10% deposit is required at time of reservation which will be the summer of 2018. That will be about $2,610 for 18 coaches. We can cancel coaches we don't need up to 30 days in advance.

Action Action: Send Steve names and addresses of additional stops for the Self-Guided tours.

  • Gondek/Watkins, Tom Ahern, and Dale Howe have agreed to open up their gardens.

Action Action: Michael asked Charles Cresson and he agreed. Meadowbrook Farm said no, closed Sundays.

Action Action: Aaron Greenberg, arborist & horticulturist, offered to host visitors at West Laurel Hill Cemetery in Bala Cynwyd. The committee found his unlabeled azaleas to not be suitable for our Sunday tour.

Editorial Committee - Michael Martin Mills. Promotion & Theme:  The theme is The Philadelphia Story - Rhododendrons in America's Garden Capital. Logo examples are at: ARS2019Logos (PDF) or ARS2019LogosAlt (PDF)
The website is up with the dates, venue, garden tours, banquets and promos.

ActionItem Action Item:Steve will contact Glen Jamieson about submitting the following articles:

Action Action: by May 1, 2018 for the Summer 2018 JARS issue, Jerry got agreement from Peter Zale to write the article Century of Rhododendrons at Longwood Gardens.

Action Action: by August 1 for the Fall 2018 JARS issue, Jerry got agreement from Linda Eirhart to write an article Henry DuPont & his love of Azaleas & Creating Winterthur. Also, Jerry will submit an article on the history of the Wister Rhododendron Garden at Tyler Arboretum.

Action Action: by November 1 for the Winter 2019 JARS issue, we will have registrations materials for the center section, Nicole Juday Rhodes article Rhododendrons in the Great Gardens of Philadelphia, and Jenkins Arboretum article on their new system of mapping their rhododendron collections.

ActionItem Action Item:Nicole Juday Rhoads will be contacted about writing an article. We can offer an honorarium, probably around $250.

Speakers - Jerry O'Dell: Jerry O'Dell lined up Jenny Rose Carey, Dick Murcott, and Don Hyatt to be our speakers. The nominal speakers fee is $500 plus registration, one night's lodging, and expenses.

ActionItem Action Item: Karel will arrange to meet with Dick Murcott to go over his presentation. Michael pointed out there is a model of the Centennial Exposition in Memorial Hall..

  • Jenny Rose Carey will prepare talk including how Quakers, gunpowder and drugs helped Philadelphia became America's Garden Capital. Don Hyatt will prepare a pioneer award presentation for Charles Owen Dexter.

Action Action: Ken Cox has asked to speak at the convention about his new book Woodland Gardening on ericaceous materials in shade gardens. Harold Sweetman agreed to ask Ken to do a meet the author and book signing at Jenkins on Thursday and then give a talk and have a book signing on Sunday.

Action Action: Steve Henning got contact information for Dexter's nephew and gave to Karel Bernady: Charles Dexter Owen Jr., 7 Greenwood Road, Asheville, NC

Plant Acquisitions - Karel BernadyKarel Bernady has contacted Steve Kristoph, Jenkins Arboretum, Octorara Farm Nursery, Gettysburg Gardens (Bartlett), and Jim Gears who have agreed to supply plants to the convention plant sale on consignment.  

ActionItem Action Item: We need to post descriptions of possible plant sale plants by November 2018.

Plant Sale - Joan Warren & Ron Rabideau: Karel is obtaining labeling and tracking software and equipment from Paul Beck.  A credit card acceptance system will be set up to work with the Greater Philadelphia bank account.  An online catalogue will be posted of plants that are listed in advance. Karel expects to have between 1,500 and 2,000 plants. Karel asked Ron Rabideau and Joan Warren to set up a Plant Sale committee that will be responsible for setting up the sale and handling all sales details. 

Action Action: Karel determined the sales area at The Desmond is 21'x75' with a total of 21'x100' under awning. 

ActionItem Action Item: We need to line up Phytosanitary inspections for Canadians buying plants.

ActionItem Action Item: Steve will check how the Spotted Lanternfly quarantine will affect our plant sale.

Action Action: A charitable organization need not collect and remit tax upon the sale of property if the sales occur no more than three times nor for more than a total of 7 days in any 1-calendar year.

Registration - Linda Hartnett: Linda Hartnett is Registrar. We MUST submit registration information for publication by Nov. 1 for the Winter 2019 JARS issue. Look at previous Winter JARS issues to see the registration information submitted for previous spring conventions.
Karel moved that the convention registration fee be mandatory for everyone participating in the convention as it was in the past. This was unanimously approved. The two guest speakers will be exempt.

Action Action:   Karel found the wording: "To attend any conference activity you must be registered."

Breeders Roundtable - Ron Rabideau: Ron agreed to run the Breeders Roundtable.

Flower Show - Bob Smetana: Bob agreed to run the flower show on Friday.

Other Committees:(as specified by ARS)

  • Bus Captains: required,
  • Hospitality: required,
  • Photography Show: required 

ActionItem Action Item:  Chapter presidents need to find members from their chapters to serve on these committees and to open their gardens for the Sunday, May 19, 2019, open houses.

Next Meeting: The next meeting will be Monday, June 4, 2018, at 7:00 PM at Jenkins. Teleconferencing will be available, please use the following telephone number and participant passcode.

Access Toll Free from USA - 866 212 0875
Participant Passcode -             162442#

For a printable download of this report, click on: 2019ARSReport1804.pdf

Directory of Committee Members: Convention Committee Directory revised 9/18/2017
ARS 2019 Committee Archives are at
ARS 2019 Website:

Steve Henning, ARS 2019 Co-Chair


ARS 2019 Archives are at

ARS 2019 Archives

Previous 2019 Convention Committee Meetings:

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2016 May 12, Meeting Report: 2019ARSReport1604.pdf

2016 March 31, Agenda: 16-03-31ARS2019ConvAgenda.pdf
2016 March 31, Meeting Report: 2019ARSReport1603.pdf


Conference: Wednesday, May 15 to Sunday, May 19, 2019
Exec Committee Meeting, Tuesday, May 14, 2019
Board of Directors Meeting, Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Archived Files:

Previous Convention Budgets for Reference

ARS Spring 2016 Williamsburg Budget
ARS Fall 2009 Philadelphia Budget


The Desmond Final Contract
Desmond Hotel Update
Helicopter Museum Contract
Convention Bureau Sponsorship Letter

Garden Tours

Planned Garden Tours (PDF) revised 3/13/17
Planned Garden Tours Map (PDF)revised 3/13/17
Planned Bus Plan (PDF)revised 3/10/17

Preliminary Bus Contract (PDF) 3/18/17

Logos, and Promotion

ARS2019Logos (PDF) NEW
ARS2019LogosAlt (PDF) NEW

ARS2019 Promo (PowerPoint) revised 3/13/17
ARS2019 Promo (PDF) revised 3/13/17

ARS2019ConventionPromoNotes (PDF) revised 3/28/17

ARS2019PromoCard (PDF) revised 3/28/17

Convention Committee Directory revised 9/18/17

Previous ARS Conventions' Costs

Previous ARS Conventions' Data

2016 Williamsburg Help Wanted Flier: WilliamsburgHelpWantedFlier.pdf

ARS Convention Guidelines: ARSConventionGuidelines.pdf

Notes on 2016 Williamsburg Convention: WilliamsburgFacilitiesReport.pdf

2009 Fall Meeting Website:

2004 Valley Forge ARS Bus Tours: 2004BusTours.pdf

2004 Valley Forge ARS Convention Report: 2004ConventionReport.pdf

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